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Pritchardia pacifica FAN PALM TREE





Pritchardia pacifica

P. pacifica or tropical fan palm is a medium sized palm tree growing up to 40+ ft. tall with slender trunk and palmate (fan-shaped) leaves. Fast growing and hardy, and can be kept short through potting. Grows well in partly to full sun in most soil types. Great for landscaping, home or office potted plant.

Seed germinates in approximately 30 days. Easy to grow; plant seed 1″ deep in porous well-draining soil or potting mix in 1 qt. to 1/2 gallon planter pot or bag; place in partly to full sun and keep moist. Intolerant of severe cold or frost conditions.

Seeds packed fresh on date of purchase with planting instructions included. Planting information assistance is gladly provided on request.