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Erythrina variegata CORAL TREE





Erythrina variegata

Known locally as “Gaogao”, the species Erythrina variegata or Coral Tree is a beautiful flowering ornamental tree when in full bloom, and used as an ornamental specimen tree, over story shade tree, live fencing or windbreaker; also great for nitrogen fixing in poor soils and inter cropping with other fruit trees.

Considered a non-invasive plant / tree, it is fast growing, deciduous, drought and salt spray tolerant and does best in frost free climates; grows from 30′ to 80′ ft. tall in coastal areas and inland up to 1,000+ ft. elevation. Its trunk is smooth with some short thorns and its branches have thorny prickles. Planted from seed which germinates in 1 – 2 weeks, the tree may flower in 3 – 4 years. Its flowers attract nectar feeding birds including fruit bats.

Seeds packed fresh on date of purchase with planting instructions included. Planting information assistance is gladly provided on request.