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Morinda citrifolia

Noni Medicinal Fruit Tree, also known as Indian Mulberry. Here in the Mariana Islands, it’s called Lada; in Polynesia, Nonu & Nono, and in Marquesas & Hawaii, Noni. We offer freshly picked seeds per packet; included with your purchase upon request only, is a Noni Juice Processing eManual to help you start processing your own Noni Juice. Additional information on Noni Juice processing could be found on the internet.

Used in the Pacific Islands for medicinal purposes since ancient times, young tender leaves were used to treat boils, cuts, inflammations and many other remedies to treat many other ailments. Today, Morinda citrifolia has been found to have extraordinary healing properties and as a result, its fruit is processed into juice and tablets, and is in high demand. We would like to point out, however, that Noni should be viewed as a health supplement rather than a cure for diseases.

The Morinda citrifolia is a small shrub or tree up to 8 meters tall. Seed germinates in approx. 3-6 months and fruiting attainable at approx. 1 year from transplant at 12″ to 18″ inches in plant height. The Noni Tree bears green fruit which grows and ripens to white. The fruit is then carefully hand picked, washed-sterilized and air dried for further ripening / softening in jug containers for Noni Juice drippings. Ripe and soft to the touch Noni Fruit is slightly foul smelling. The plant does okay in containers, preferably 5 gallons or larger (small containers would only make for small plants) in porous well draining soil with adequate watering and fertilizer.

Seeds packed fresh on date of purchase with planting instructions included. Please allow up to 3 days for extracting and air drying large quantities as seeds are not extracted unless we have an order. Planting information assistance is gladly provided on request.

The Noni Juice Processing eManual is only available through the purchase of Noni seeds on this website.

Noni Seedlings

NoniSeedlings1Noni seedling sprouts after about 3 – 6 months hybernating/germinating period.


NoniSeedlings2Noni seedlings 18 days later.


 NoniSeedlings3Noni seedlings about 30 days later.


NoniSeedlings4Noni seedlings after 3 months.


NoniSeedlings54 month noni seedling growth.


NoniSeedlings6Noni potted and growth 9 months later.