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Pandanus dubius

Pandanus dubius – Pandanaceae (Screwpine family)

Locally called “Pahong”, the Pandanus dubius is native to the Old World Tropics of the Pacific Islands and Asia. This palm like dioecious tree is large growing up to 20+ meters tall with broad canopy and wide branching with many prop roots near the base of its majestic tree trunk to provide support. Its leaves are very wide, thick and spiny. Starts to bear green nut-like fruit which ripens to purple then falls off tree; edible nut inside each seed pod; coconut crabs peel off outer husk of seed pod and crack seed shell to get to the nut.

One of the most attractive pandanus; great choice to add to any real estate, botanical garden or landscaping project. Grows well from coastal areas up to 3,000 ft. elevation.

Our seeds are picked fresh and ready to germinate. Easy and simple to grow; plant seed right under the surface of soil in 1 gallon pot or bag, moisten soil and wait 30 – 60 days for sprout. Transplant to ground or very large pot when plant in pot or bag is fully rooted.

Seeds packed fresh on date of purchase with planting instructions included. Seed husk or fibers are peeled off down to the nut before shipping. Planting information assistance is gladly provided on request.