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Passiflora edulis flavicarpa LILIKOI PASSION FRUIT




Passiflora edulis flavicarpa

A tasty vitamin rich fruit good to grow around home for personal consumption. Easy and simple to grow. Plant seed ¼” to ½” deep in porous well-draining soil in 4” to 6” inch planter cups. Place in sunny location and keep moist; seed should germinate in 2-3 weeks in ideal condition/temperature (10 weeks or longer in cooler climates under 60ºF).

Feed seedlings with organic or non-burning soluble fertilizer mix weekly for healthy and robust growth. When seedling is fully established in planter, transplant to ground or very large pot. Support vines with trellis or grow along fence. Protect plants from cold weather (below 60ºF) and frost.

Seeds packed fresh on date of purchase with planting instructions included. Planting information assistance is gladly provided on request.